What exactly do you want? Be very specific. And when do you want it?

Why do you want it? Who will benefit – just you or others?
Remembering your WHY will help you work for it.

What is the way forward? Consider all options and then decide on your way – what will you do, what help or training, what habits / behaviours you need to develop. What actions you must take to move closer towards what you want. How will you know you’re on track?

When you know what you want, and why, and how to get it, you will have fuelled the fire to get started. Use this drive to start work and keep going.

BUT remember, willpower doesn’t last. It gets you started but doesn’t last. When willpower runs out, all you’re left with is good old-fashioned discipline to WORK. To put in the graft, regardless of how you feel. The work is never easy or convenient. Putting in the work actually re-fuels your willpower so it’s a cycle of Will and Work power to keep you moving.

Just have patience. Most people expect results far too quickly. You must be consistent in your efforts, and wait. Your results will come. Don’t quit when it gets harder, keep going.

Lastly, but most importantly, who do you want to be while you’re applying your powers.
Who do you want to become more of, and less of, in the process?
What type of character and disposition will you adopt?
Operate within your own set of principles, your standards higher than most.
Consider your Values; we make time for what we value – what gets your time & attention?
Be composed, be compassionate, no matter what.