Business Berserkers is my monthly chat show style interview with people who interest me and inspire me. It’s all about sifting through the business of success.

Success in life and business. Or the business of life.  Whichever suits you!

It’s about working on your best project: YOU. Let’s speak to the achievers and model what they’re doing to get some of those results for ourselves.

I have selected people from a variety of fields including:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Inspiring speakers
  • Coaches of life, confidence, motivation and business
  • Stress experts
  • Personal trainers
  • Customer Service experts
  • Team leaders

We can learn from them all.  So strap yourself in, grab a brew and enjoy.

Gary McKendrick

This month’s episode is something different. It’s me! In the woods. Main Lesson: when life gets in the way, we must adapt, stay consistent and take some kind of action. Ramblings (or knowledge bombs) while I ramble.

Will Polston

Will Polston inspires people to unlock their full potential and make it happen – success, happiness, fulfilment – whatever your goals are. He is a Master Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, TEDx Speaker and blogger for The Huffington Post. And he’s a cracking lad, a cheeky Essex lad and a lovely fella with a resemblance to Olly Murs.

Luke John Harrison

Luke was once ‘as happy as a plumber’, in his case, not happy and a coke-fuelled womanising booze-hound. Until he realised that he was not fulfilled and worked on changing that. He has a great story, a great book and was a great guy to interview.

Dave Algeo – Stress(ed) Guru

Dave Algeo is a stress expert and tells us his stress management tips and strategies.

Check out Dave’s podcast – Man Sprouts –

‘Success with Wellness’
As seen on TV – The Davina Hour, Channel W –

Paul Mort

The Unstoppable Paul Mort; he’s raw, he’s honest, he’s the man. From dealing with his bi-polar, overcoming depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts – he has gone on to create successful businesses and a fulfilling life and he helps other blokes do it too.

Emily-Rose Alice Knowles

Emily is the Doubt Slayer, the Mindset Goth, a Confidence coach. She’s a red haired vixen of a lady and her story is inspiring.

From dealing with bullying and trichotillomania to becoming the woman she is today helping others achieve their greatness.

What Else I Do

As an Asbestos Consultant since 1994, my main business is Omega and I am also on the management committee of NORAC.

Protecting people and improving industry standards.