Never Enough

You want something………

A result, a thing, an outcome, an improvement, a change, a promotion, a better body, more money, better relationships, more romance, less stress, more time, something better, more fulfilment, your dreams to come true etc.
Simple question: Are you doing enough?

As in, are you applying yourself and taking enough action to get what you want?

You might think you are and that you’re going at it 100% but have you got what it is that you want yet? Are you making progress as quickly as you expected? Are you 100% committed and applying 100% effort?

Because the thing is, you can always DO MORE.  

And you can always BE BETTER.

Test the theory; the easiest way is in the gym.  I do it frequently. I set my intentions to do X then I’ll do X plus MORE.  For example, say you’re doing 10 reps lifting something, I promise you that you can do more, do 12 reps, or even just 1 more rep, that’s still more. Or if you’re running for 20mins, I promise you that you can keep going and do 25mins, or just 1 more minute, or 10 more seconds, all still MORE.  

Then when you find yourself always doing more, set your intentions higher, increase the weight, or increase the reps, or increase the duration or distance, then away you go. But always do more. This little extra push at the end is testing you further, how bad do you want to improve, keep pushing, just do one more rep.  

In your day job, if it includes, for example, making 5 sales calls a day and talking to 3 existing clients a day; simply make 6, 7 or 8 sales calls and talk to 4 or 5 clients a day.

You want that promotion; are you doing enough to stand out for all the right reasons. Or are you leaving things until tomorrow and allowing yourself to coast a little and be a little distracted and not as productive and focused as you know you could be?

If you’re studying for an exam, are you scheduling the time to study, well in advance, and are you sticking to the schedule. Well done if you are. But do more, do a longer study session, turn 1hr into 1.25hrs.

If you’ve been meaning to read a book for months then commit to 1 chapter a day. (Or 1 page a day if you need to, just start reading FFS!!) Get into this new habit and when it becomes no effort to do, increase your capacity to 2 chapters per day. (or 2 pages a day!) 

Do you see the simple logic here – just do the thing you know you need to do, and apply yourself just that little bit more. Often, the extra effort required to do ‘more’ isn’t actually that much more but the difference in results is huge over the long term, the compound effect.     

On a similar note, you should also ask yourself “Once I have ‘it’, will I be willing to put the continued effort in to maintain ‘it’?”

Maintaining success is the hardest bit.  It makes reaching your success seem easy.  Staying on top of your game takes immense effort, commitment, self-control and discipline.  Again, think fitness and losing weight, you see people routinely lose an awful lot of weight, then slowly put it all back on again because they hit their goal, their success, then they stopped doing the things that achieved the outcome they wanted.    

I write this as a reminder for me too; I have to remind myself to keep doing the things I know I need to do to maintain but also to get better; in health, in love, in business, in wealth, in life.   

Consider all areas of your life; if you’re not happy with anything, ask yourself if you’re doing enough? Stop moaning, complaining, whining, gossiping, blaming and generally being a moron.  

Do the things you need to do to get better.  And keep doing them.

And just do more.  You can always DO and BE MORE.  

If you choose to.    

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that bit extra.  

Be An Expert In…..

To be successful, you have to already be or get good at something, then make yourself habitually excellent, become an Expert.  

And when you’re an expert in something, you can use your skills to help others and generate an income (ie a business).   

The Expert can make it a sustainable business IF your skill serves any or all of these E’s:  

  • Educates
  • Entertains
  • Enriches
  • Enlightens
  • Evolves
  • Eradicates (a problem)

Whatever skill you have and whatever you do with it, you must practice, practice and practice. And keep learning and improving. And practicing. Constantly.  

“You are what you practice”

So you must first have the skills of an expert in your field. Keep on top of your game. Be an industry leader. Stand out from the crowd. Be known as the “Go-To-Guy”.  And you’ll do well.

But you must also practice the habits of success (or fulfilment, or happiness).

Be an expert in this thing called life.

Habits such as being a good kind person and treating people well.  

And being calm, cheerful, patient, persistent, positive, courageous and confident. Pushing yourself to do the things that make you feel uncomfortable; doing the things you’d rather avoid.  

Just be a good human being, help yourself be on point then help others.  

Don’t just aim to ‘get by’ or ‘get through’ something; aim to GET BETTER.  Commit to doing it well, finishing what you started and always learn.

Always aim to improve.  You are always a student. But the more you learn, the more you can become a teacher for others who are less ‘educated’.  

Remember to be the example you want to see, be the skilful expert and skilful practicer.  No one wants to employ an out of shape personal trainer; no one will take marriage advice from an adulterer; no one will take financial advice from a shabby homeless looking fella; no one trusts a liar.   

Happiness, success, fulfilment, satisfaction doesn’t just happen – they are created by you. An expert in life knows this and they work on it every day.

So, in any area of life, simply ask yourself:

  1. “Am I further forward / better off than I was 3, 6 or 12 months ago?”
  2. “If yes, where to next? What do I want now?”
  3. “If no, why not? and am I happy not being further forward?”


You are the result of all your choices and habits.   Are you making good choices? Are your habits good? Are they moving you closer to what you want to be/do/have?

So start with your B’s? Consider your Body, Balance, Business and Bank:

  • Body – your body & mind must be nurtured, not neglected. Value yourself and look after yourself. Sleep well, eat well, hydrate, exercise, rest, recover, relax & recharge.  Get fitter and stronger both physically and mentally.
  • Balance – don’t be all work & no play.  Make time for work and make time for play. Schedule time off the radar to rest, reflect and have fun. Schedule time with loved ones (eg lunch, dates nights, dates with the kids, do the school run). Your people need you.  And you must be in the best state to serve your people.
  • Business – create a proper business, not just ‘busyness’, chaos and overwhelm.  Or create a flourishing career. Whatever you choose, make it doing something you enjoy which improves your lifestyle and doesn’t turn you into a dry lifeless miserable husk.  
  • Bank – making money is easy, the hard part is hanging on to it. Protect your purse. Be mindful of the difference of stuff you ‘need’ versus stuff you ‘want’.  Kill debts, don’t add to them. Stop unnecessary spending; you’ll be amazed at how much you save. Start creating wealth, safety and lowering money stress.


Remember, bad habits are easy. And easy choices are usually the bad ones.