THE BASICS of Wellbeing

You know what they say:

Don’t abandon the basics, then you’ll never have to go back to them.

Earlier this month I did an on-line talk on mental health and wellbeing for the NORAC AGM. In preparing for it, I’d thought to myself, ‘What can I talk about that’s not just regurgitating what everyone has already heard, what can I talk about that’s really helped me and continues to help me?’.

My obvious answer was my wellbeing process based on the acronym of ‘basics’. Or, THE BASICS.

I’m a firm believer that happiness requires EFFORT. Anything you want in life requires WORK. You have to work at it to get it.  We all deserve to be happy but I think a lot of folks think it should just be a default state that requires no effort at all. However, your happiness requires commitment and discipline because there’s always going to be easier options to take.

So, my challenge to you is; every day, follow this process and see how it makes you feel-

T = Thankful (Be thankful, start your day with thinking about the good stuff in your life, there is always something, even during your darkest times)

H = Hydrate (refresh and re-hydrate first thing in the morning, and continue during the day, at least 2litres)

E = Emotions (be aware of your emotions, I like to remember that ‘heightened emotions = lowered intellect’, be aware of how you feel right now and then how you want to feel, then take action to change your state)


B = Breathe (Stillness/Meditation, take some deep breaths, try box breathing or Wim Hof, just pause & breathe)

A = Activity (Body Movement, training, exercise, walks, get sweaty and feel good after)

S = Shower (Get up, get showered, get dressed & show-up, no matter how you feel, you’ll feel better cleansed)

I = Ingest (Consume with Care: Good Foods, Good People, Good Info from books, podcasts, etc. Avoid endless junk, booze, pills, social media, news consumption, and arseholes!)

C = Conversation (Talk, open up, be vulnerable, connect with others, don’t hide, seek help, ask others if they’re okay too)

S = Sleep (Get enough, 7-9 hrs, have as much natural energy as possible, just get to bed!)

Tick these things off your list each day and I guarantee you’ll have a better day.

Always remember that your happiness requires daily effort, and if you stick to the basics you’re giving yourself a decent chance of keeping on the right track and making yourself proud of your efforts.  And if you fall off track, that’s okay, just get back on it with a new determination.

These basics will be your best medicine. Try it and let me know how you get on.