Look at the state of you

That’s right. LOOK at the STATE of YOU.

Typically when you hear this being said “Look at the state of you”, it’s got negative vibes around it or contempt over something or someone.

The ‘state’ is the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time. So in that respect, it’s actually a very good question to ask yourself and ask it regularly.

Reframe it as:

“Am I in a good state?”

Or “Am I happy with the state of my life”.

Direct the question to all areas of your life

  • Your body
  • Your mind
  • Your relationships (with partner, kids, parents, siblings, family, friends)
  • Your diet / nutrition
  • Your fitness
  • Your sleep
  • Your hydration
  • Your career or business
  • Your bank balance
  • Your work-life balance
  • Your hobbies
  • Your ‘me’ time
  • Your confidence
  • Your romance
  • Your goals, clarity and direction
  • Your habits
  • Your fulfilment
  • Your happiness

If the answer is No, then address that particular problem and fix it. You can’t possibly be consistently on point with all areas of your life so it’s good to stop and ask yourself what state you’re in so you can keep fine-tuning things.

Perhaps, one week you’ve had a particularly mental busy week at work so you may have neglected your body by way of no exercise, poor eating habits, lack of sleep and increased stress. On top of that, you’ve neglected your family, you’re up early & home late and just too tired to be a nice person to your own loved ones.  

They suggest you’re working too hard or say you’re not around much.  You bark, “I’m doing this for you”. They’d rather you were around more, looking after yourself and full of beans with them. You need to change your state mate.

Or perhaps you need to take some drastic action in an area that you’ve spent forever avoiding. For example, I used to hate looking in the mirror, I hated my face and my body; I suffered from anxiety and low self-worth. I ‘coped’ with alcohol and silence.  True story. I knew my life was in a bad state. But I continued to ignore it and repeat the same thoughts and habits which were only feeding my misery. It’s a vicious cycle of neglect or blissful ignorance.

Only when I stopped and recognised the ‘state’ I was in, was I able to correct it.  It’s not an overnight fix either, remember you’ve spent years creating this state so prepare yourself for it taking years to change.  

But change is always possible, anytime. Change is constant, don’t fear it.  

Change your state.