The MAGIC of Change

Change is scaring. For some people.  

But change is a constant thing in life.  

We have to evolve, learn and grow. This is change.  

Consider this question:

Have you got what you want yet?

Perhaps you have but it’s not fulfilling you any more.  

Well, the good news is you have the power to change. It’s your choice.

If you don’t like your RESULTS, then you can take ACTION to change.  

These are the only TWO things you need to focus on.  

Your Actions and Your Results. Change your actions and your results will change.   

But to take it a step further and also make you realise the magic of change, I will share with you how I live.

It’s very simple.  

Results – are you happy?

YES – keep doing what you’re doing, (these actions are working, for now)

NO – change your actions.

It’s simply MAGIC

M = Mindset – control your thoughts, beliefs and work to your values. Believe you can achieve what you want with the right focus, patience, persistence, clarity and direction. 

A = Actions – control of your actions, your habits, your routines, your behaviours, your responses. Make sure your actions are good ones that are making progress. Be wary of bad habits. 

G = Goal  – know exactly what you want (and what you don’t want), aim for something realistic, those who aim for the horizon never reach it; whilst those who aim for nothing always achieve it!!

I = Integrity – just do what you said you’d do, keep promises to yourself and others. Follow through on promises and commitments to be better. 

C = Courage – embrace feeling uncomfortable and experience doing something new, feel the fear but don’t let it buckle you. Do it. And you will survive the ‘ordeal’ and quickly realise the fear was all in your head. Courage leads to Confidence and soon your comfort zone has expanded into territory you never thought you’d be in.  

There you go, the magic of change. It’s not easy, but it’s very worth it.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but beautiful in the end