Its Friday…..Let’s Rock

Yey, its Friday.

  • Why do we love Fridays so much?
  • Why do we love weekends so much?
  • Why do we love to go on holiday?
  • Why don’t people wash their legs in the shower?

All these questions do make me wonder what’s going on with people and their lives. Well, the shower one not so much but it’s still a valid question!

So it’s Friday and all of a sudden people come alive. I’m writing this because I heard on the local radio this morning that a recent survey carried out said that a third of people felt energised and happy with life on Friday’s. How do they feel for the other 6 days of the week then?  

Are people really only ‘happy’ for 104 days of the year (that’s Friday and Saturday).  People are only happy for 28% of their lives. Blimey that’s a sad state of affairs isn’t it.  

If you are living your life in a zombie existence from Sunday to Thursday, dragging yourself out of bed, zero motivation, no smiles and just counting the days to a high energy Friday and Saturday, then you my friend are not actually living.  

Anyone alive today is lucky, you are here, you are breathing, you are unique, you are a miracle, you have the power in your hands to do and be anything you want.  The world is actually a good place, full of good people who are capable of brilliant things. You are one of these people.  

Stop and think about why you only like Fridays and Saturdays.  THEN do something different which makes you then like EVERY day. Do not waste your time on earth being a grumpy, moaning, negative zombie who wishes for a better life, better things or better people in it but does nothing about it.  

If all you do is go out on a Friday and Saturday to actually FORGET about your life, to ESCAPE your life then this is actually a WASTE of your life. As dramatic as it may sound, you have created your own version of hell.  

Find your talents, find your purpose, find your people and find your happiness. Life is for living and getting up every day glad to be alive, grateful for what you have and on a mission to always progress in life through learning and doing.  

You grow or die.   

So enjoy your Friday but do the work to make sure you love every day.   

Get Some Focus; here to help if you need it.