Success is easy!!

So it seems success is built upon doing these things every day, all the guru’s, the coaches, the elite, are doing it..
Your success is built upon your morning routine.
So to fast track all your desires and dreams you must do all these things every day:
  • Get up at 5am, after having gone to bed at 9pm
  • Have a cold shower
  • Drink a pint of room temperature filtered water with sliced lemon
  • Take your multi-vitamin and supplements
  • Meditate for 22mins
  • Do Wim Hof breathing for 12mins
  • Drink a green sludge smoothie whilst watching the sunrise
  • Visualise your goals for 5mins
  • Hit the Gym for strength training 22mins
  • Then cardio training 22mins
  • Then yoga for 22mins
  • Have an ice bath
  • Then go cold water swimming in the sea or your local lido
  • Have a warm shower & dress to impress
  • Eat a vegan breakfast
  • Declutter your workspace
  • Journal about gratitude or something
  • Read a book
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Plan your day
  • Get out in nature for a walk
  • Pay someone a compliment

Now it’s 3.30pm, you should get to work!!

The secret sauce is there is no secret; it just boils down to knowing what you want then putting in the effort to achieve it, committing to the work and doing it regardless of your mood. And waiting, it takes time.

It MIGHT involve doing SOME of those things listed but it doesnt have to so dont feel like you must.

Find the things that make you have a better day and be more productive and nicer to be around.

Which is really just sticking to the basics of sleeping well, eating well, hydrate, exercise, enjoy some silence, breathe properly, control your emotions and GET TO WORK.

You’re welcome.