“After seeing Gary at the Health Champion Awards at Christmas 2017 we were keen to run our own Wellbeing Motivational Event, due to the high-pressured environment that we work in.  Gary offered his time to be our guest motivational speaker and due to our environment, our colleagues had not experienced such an event before this.

Gary’s clear message “we make the life we live, and if you don’t like it change it” related to a lot of colleagues.  The raw reality and his brutally honest approach captivated staff and made them analyse their lives. For example, are they happy and if not, why not? What can be changed and how people could do this.

Gary is inspirational, uplifting and full of life. His passion and delivery has spurred life into our office and has been a good talking point.  I would recommend other companies to take the opportunity to hold a similar motivational event”.

Amanda Mains, DWP Wellbeing Team